Peggy Simon, CPCCPeggy Simon, owner of Argus Coaching, specializes in working with family caregivers of aging adults as they experience the challenges and joys of caring for a loved one. Peggy, who has been a coach for over 15 years, gives her clients a regular time to focus on themselves and their lives — time that family caregivers need, but often don't allow themselves.

Through regularly scheduled telephone coaching sessions, caregivers discover ways to lead a balanced life while being a caregiver. During a typical 50-minute coaching session, Peggy will:

  • ask questions to help clients identify what would make their lives more balanced
  • work with clients to come up with options
  • support clients in their choices
  • review results with clients

Caregivers who are spouses, adult children, other relatives, or friends will benefit from Peggy's expertise and objectivity. Peggy is also a resource for information and resources for her clients. Because the coaching is done by phone, clients can live anywhere in the world.

In addition to B.A. and Master's degrees, Peggy holds professional certifications in coaching and gerontology. Her unique combination of education, work experience, and personal experience makes her an ideal person to work with family caregivers. She is flexible in working with clients to choose a coaching package that best suits their needs.

“Caregiving is a family business.”